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Some much needed love

I seriously cannot wait to get this bad boy into my studio. I've been leaning on my Mackie Big Knob for a long 8 years as heart of my monitoring , headphone and talkback needs.  Needless to say it has finally given up the ghost. I've noticed over the years as it deteriorated that the sky facing nature of all the analog buttons was just calling for dirt and contact failure.  

I've been eyeing Dangerous Music products for years, so impressed by the sheer quality.  See you in a week! This is just the beginning as I begin a revamp of my studio workflow.


Protools Debate

With the recent release of Protools 12, the old model of owning software took another punch to the gut. Yes, you can still "buy" it but the reality is, times have changed. Companies like Adobe Photoshop and Waves plugins have been pushing the subscription model for some time. In an effort to generate steady streams of revenue paying a monthly fee for the rest of your musical life is slowly becoming the default.  I'm not totally against it and it really makes sense for anyone who makes a living recording music. The people that it hurts are the hobbyists who want to fiddle around in their own time with the latest tools. It becomes harder to justify.  


I'm just glad I am a series back on Protools 11 and still enjoying the features it brought. What do you think about PT12? You gonna subscribe till death do us part?

Fresh Coat of Paint

Get out the brushes, throw out the trash and start fresh. Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is to clear out unnecessary junk from your life. This year has brought many changes, so I thought, why not bring it full circle to Relic Recording! I tried to bring some order to this site and really just focus on what's most important; MUSIC. 

New audio examples from recent artists as well as classic tracks that haven't been heard can be found Here.

Keep it moving and keep it classy,