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Fresh Coat of Paint

Get out the brushes, throw out the trash and start fresh. Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is to clear out unnecessary junk from your life. This year has brought many changes, so I thought, why not bring it full circle to Relic Recording! I tried to bring some order to this site and really just focus on what's most important; MUSIC. 

New audio examples from recent artists as well as classic tracks that haven't been heard can be found Here.

Keep it moving and keep it classy,

B1A4 Takes Over the World with "In the Air"

While I have written a lot of songs it is something special to have them performed on stage! I have been really happy to see B1A4 taking my song In the Air with them as the encore act as they tour the United States and the rest of world. Something you rarely see in Kpop is a full band that actually plays live! It brings a real energy and freshness to the music that sorely lacks these days.  

It has been fun to watch this song go from a track buried on the album to having full choreography and place in their live set all year.

Check it out and make sure to support B1A4.