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The world of plugins has evolved dramatically over the past few years. Traditionally plugins were these static one off purchases that were expensive, hard to license, and even harder to upgrade. I look back 10 years when i had to buy a physical retail copy of a plugin that included a serial number, paper product manuals, and a cd to copy the installer off.

Fast forward to 2019 and we finally have Cloud iLok sessions, automatic plugin updates and more choices than ever. So who is providing the best experience when it comes to plugins? I must admit that I have been pretty resistant to subscription plans in the recording world, but one has really stood out above the rest.

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The Slate Everything Bundle has become my go-to plugin source for many reasons.

The Value is Unmatched.

These days it feels like the team at Slate digital has become the Netflix of plugins. You subscribe because you like what they have, but by the time you have really dug into the existing content they have already added multiple new plugins and increased the value of your ongoing investment. A lot of plugin subscription options exist these days, but this was the first one i have seen that really delivered on the investment.

Top Notch Quality

It seems the slate team has a soft spot for re-creating the sound of conventional hardware Reverbs, EQs, and compressors. One of the latest additions to the bundle was the Lustrous Plates which added some incredible plate reverb options. Some of the best plugins include the tape emulations, and console buss compressors. Maybe I will get into some of my favorite plugins and patches from the everything bundle in a future post (there are a ton).

Flexible Payment Options

Do you want access to great plugins but only record projects sporadically? I know plenty of musicians who stand up their own studios to record their own music, but it doesn’t always make financial sense to make a large investment in plugins that are used a few months a year. Jumping on a monthly plan can make a lot of sense for people who want to get the best plugins and then reactivate for the next project.

Slate has really disrupted the software industry in my opinion and has a chance to capture a huge market with a few more editions to the bundle. If we were to see some pitch correction software and a few more vocal tools I could see this product becoming a runaway train. There would be no competition or reason for anyone in the project studio market to consider anything else. Get more information about the Slate Everything Bundle at

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